GingerSnap is...

...All About People

We believe in serving others always!

...Focused on Educating Teams

Showing people their leadership potential.

...About Quality Content

You and your team deserve the best content that
can be retained and used daily.

...a Joyful Company

Loving others, laughing and creating joy is a must
in my books!

...A Resource for Leaders!

Our Vision

Our vision is to show people the amazing things they can accomplish when they serve others, and work on becoming the best leaders possible. 

We believe that if you give your team the right tools, the support to be the best, and opportunities to serve daily, than it will be a natural response to have a unified team that loves what they do, and will brag about where they work. We are here to help you get there and stay there!

How we got started

  • Nikki grew up in Southern California and loved starting clubs with her friends.

  • She found herself being a leader at a young age.

  • The people in her life have always been supportive and encouraged Nikki to

  • Nikki moved to Ireland to partner with a church and help with their youth ministry and lead a women’s ministry.

  • Moved back to California 2 years later and met her husband.

  • Worked as a director in the corporate world where her love for training up better leaders and employees ignited.

  • In 2016 GingerSnap struck, bringing professional training to teams so they are equipped, ignited and thriving!

Leadership Training


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